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Barking 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barking]

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Nature of ComplaintAction Taken
Cornish Pasty containing stoneWarning letter to manufacturer.
Sliced Tongue containing glassWarning letter to importers.
Strawberry Jam containing waspWarning letter to manufacturer.
Two loaves of bread containing foreign matterWarning letter to bakers.
Mouldy Sausage RollWarning letter to manufacturer.
Sucrets - dirty conditionStock withdrawn from sale and destroyed.
Lamb Chop - condemned by MagistrateLegal proceedings. Absolute discharge on payment of costs.
Loaf of bread contaminated on outsideWarning letter to manufacturer.
Fibre in DoughnutWarning letter to manufacturer.
Milk containing foreign matterWarning to retailer.
Bakewell Tart containing nouse excretaLegal proceedings. Fine £10 £5.5.0d.
Two loaves containing foreign matterWarning letter to bakers.
Moth larvae in chocolateWarning letter to manufacturer.
Mould on loaf of breadWarning letter to retailer.
Minced beef containing larvaeWarning letter to butcher.
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Faulty canning or damage to tins leads to the food inside becoming unsound
and such tins and other articles of food which may be unfit for human consumption
are invariably submitted submitted for inspection and voluntarily surrendered.
The following is a list of the foods examined and surrendered during the year.

Table No.11

Apricot Pulp10-lbs.
Baked Beans32 tins
Beans - Broad1 tin
Beans - Butter2 tins
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