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Barking 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barking]

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Food Premises

The following is a list of the various premises in the Borough used for the sale of food:-

Bread and Cake Shops22
Butchers Shops42
Confectionery Shops76
Factory Canteens53
Fishmongers and Fish Fryers20
Fruiterers and Greengrocers37
Grocery Shops88
Ice Cream Manufacturers2
Ice Cream Vendors170
Milk Shops47
Public Houses and Off-Licensed Premises32
Public House Restaurants10
Shops in markets47
School Meal Centres and Kitchens41
Street Traders15
Mobile Traders23
Warehouses and Factories20
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Table No.6

Inspection of Food Premises

During the year the following inspections were made and notices served:-

Number of visits made to these premises3,291
Number of defective or dirty walls, ceilings and floors77
Number of notices to repair or provide hot water fittings9
Number of notices to repair counters, tables & cupboards17
Number of notices to repair drains and yard paving18
Number of notices to provide sinks and wash-hand basins11
Number of notices to repair or renew defective sanitary fitments6
Number of notices to provide soap, nail brushes and towels9
Number of notices to stop and prevent smoking2
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On occasions the inspecting officers gave verbal notices to remedy minor
defects where it was not considered necessary to serve written notices.
Complaints of Unfit Food
It will be noted that the majority of the complaints concerning food in Table
10 arose from the presence of foreign matter in the food. The present trend is
towards more mechanical handling and processing of food which, unless carefully
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