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Barking 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barking]

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April Labelling of Food (Amendment) Regulations 1961 from 20th March 1
Authorised Officers (Meat Inspection) Regulations 1961
June Bye-laws for the Regulation of Offensive Trades from 1st July 1961
September Rag Flock & Other Filling Materials Act 1961 from 1st August 1961
Home Safety Act 1961 from 18th May, 1961.
Information re Local Land Charges, etc.
Information as to statutory orders made in respect of dwelling houses and as
notices not complied with requiring works of repair was supplied in respect of 63
properties upon request for official search of the Land Charges Register.
In addition, particulars as to properties were supplied in 36 cases in which
mortgages were being arranged under the Housing Act 1949 in respect of the purchase
of small dwellings.

Improvement Grants

PremisesGrants Value
Standard Grants17£1,787.10s.0d.
Discretionary Grants12 Work Value£5,280.10s.3d.
Grants "£2,906.1s.10d.
Surveyors fee!s£72.13s.0d.
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Rent Act 1957
The following gives details of action during the year-
Number of enquiries (O forms issued) 14
Applications for Certificate of Disrepair 15
Undertaking received after a "Notice of intention to
serve a Certificate of Disrepair" 10
Certificates of Disrepair issued 3
Cancellation of Certificate of Disrepair (after work
completed to satisfaction of tenant) 1
Certificate of Disrepair issued after owner had failed
to comply with undertaking given to occupier –
A visit by a Public Health Inspector was made to the houses of fourteen
piers who were asking for "O" forms to offer advice on their completion.
Revisits are made after application for cancellation has been received
the owner.
Formal Notices - Public Health Act 1936
Default Action
In six instances it was necessary to report to the Council where owners of
properties had not earned out within the time specified, the requirements of form
The works were later carried out by the owners in each case. No legal processings
were instituted.
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