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Barking 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barking]

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The information in this Section is given in my capacity as Divisional School
Medical Officer of the Essex County Council.
The Statistical Return at the end of this report shows the classification of
defects found and the treatment thereof.
Miner Ailment Clinics
Attendances at these clinics were well maintained during the year.

Cases Treated at Minor Ailment Centres

EYES: (External and other - excluding errors of refraction and squint)324
EARS, NOSE AND THROAT DEFECTS: (Other than operative)431
SKIN: Ringworm (body)3
Other minor ailments (e.g. minor injuries, bruises, sores, chilblain etc.)1,318
Total attendances18,016
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Speech Therapy
Owing the year school children made 1,789 attendances to the speech clinics.
are fortunate in having the services of one full-time and one part-time
speech Therapist. Be. give excellent service, visiting the schools for Group
therapy sessions in addition to their clinic consultations.
Fair cross School as four weekly sessions and the Junior Training Centre,
castle Green, one per week.
Statistics relating to the dental inspection and treatment of school children
will be found in the statistical return at the end of this report.
dearth of full-time dental officers is regrettable but there has been some
light improvement recently with the recruitment of some part-time Dental Officers
sessional basis. This has meant that although four dental clinics are open
they are only staffed for part of the week.
dental laboratory working as it does for other clinics in Essex (in addition
our own) has continued at full pressure and during 1961 we managed to
upgrade one post to that of Senior Dental Technician, and we also welcomed back
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