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Barking 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barking]

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minor but potentially serious gynaecological troubles can be detected and remedied
at once.

Attendancesat Infant Welfare Clinics -1960 and 1961

Number of children born in year who attended839817
Total number of children who attended2,2922,454
Total attendances20,94222.579
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Distribution of Welfare Foods

The following table shows the welfare foods distributed during 1960 and


National Dried Milk22,89621,290 tins
Cod Liver Oil3,3752,519 bottles
Vitamin Tablets (A & D)3,4812,783 packets
Orange Juice36,16723,271 bottles
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The Welfare Foods (Great Britain) Amendment Order 1961 came into force on
the lst June, 1961. This increased the price of orange juice from 5d to ls.6d per
bottle and imposed the price of ls.0d and 6d on cod liver oil and vitamin tablets
respectively, products which previously had been supplied free of charge.
In addition, during 1961, 19,842 packets of proprietary brands of milk foods,
etc., were sold at clinics.

The table below shows the attendances at Gale Street Day Nursery during


Number on RegisterAverage daily attendances
1 January4839.6
1 February5543.5
1 March5542.1
1 April5432.0
1 May5638.8
1 June5244.2
1 July5339.7
I August5641.9
1 September5544.5
1 October5144.5
1 November5341.3
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Nursery and Child Minders' Regulation Act
There no registered child minders in the Borough.
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