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Barking 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barking]

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Birth Rate per 1,000 of Estimated Population 12.795
Birth Rate adjusted by Comparability Factor of 0.95 = 12.24
Still-Birth Rate per 1,000 (Live and Still) Births 27.34
Proportion of Illegitimate Live Births 4.75%.
Maternal Mortality
There was one maternal death recorded during the year. It occurred in the
case of a woman who suffered from ill-health during her pregnancy and who was
admitted to hospital ante-natally and for her confinement.
Loss of Infant Life
The infant death rate in 1961 was 17.3 as compared with 18.07 for 1960. The
national figures for these years were 21.4 and 21.9 respectively.
The following tables show the causes of infant deaths:-


Cause of DeathAge at Death
0-1 mth.1-3 mths.3-6 mths.6-9 mths.9-12 mths.Totalunder 1 year
Congenital Abnormality1-2--31
Birth Injury2----21
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Of the total of 16 deaths, 13 occurred within the first week of life. NEO-NATAL MORTALITY - 1961

Cause of DeathAge at Death
Under 1 wk.1-2 wks.2-3 wks.3-4 wks.Total
Birth Injury2---2
Congenital Abnormality1---1
The Neo-natal death rate was 14.05
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