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Barking 1957

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barking]

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" On the Prevalence of Diphtheria in Barking during 1903
31 out of the 44 school children attended North Street
School ....
With regard to prophylaxis by means of the Diphtheria Serum
I have not used it for that purposeā€”patients have always objected
before the advent of symptoms. Its efficiency as a prophylactic is
exceedingly difficult to prove.
(19 deaths occurred, i.e., 10.2 per cent. of notified cases.)"
" Isolation Hospital
.... In June a new building was erected in the Hospital
Grounds; consists of two wards containing 4 beds each; with dis-1
charging blocks at either end of the building ....
The Diphtheria Wards have been well filled all through the
year ....
All cases of infectious disease were reported to the School Attendance
Officer and Pawnbrokers."
" Council Schools
I have inspected these at intervals and always investigated any
outbreak of infectious disease
" Pauperism
There has been an abnormal amount of destitution ion during the
year .... I have no doubt that the poverty and destitution which
has taken place have added considerably to the Mortality and Sickness
returns of the district."
" Hospital accommodation
32 Adult beds (Scarlet Fever, 12; Diphtherial 12; Enteric
Fever, 8). During the best part of the year the Enteric Wards have
been utilised for Diphtheria . . . ."
" Inspections at Schools
In addition to inspections at the Council Schools with regard to
Diphtheria and Scarlet Fever I have given considerable attention to
the question of dirty and verminous children. Ringworm, Measles.
Whooping Cough, Chicken Pox, Sores, etc., and I am exceedingly
grateful for the very hearty assistance I have received from the teaching
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