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Acton 1947

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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within the Borough for manufacturing purposes under the surveillance
of the Council's Sanitary Inspectors.
Twenty-three complaints as to food unfit for human consumption
were recorded and submitted for consideration to the Public
Health Committee ; in three cases the Council prosecuted the persons
responsible for contravention of the Food and Drugs Act, 1938,
and in each case the defendants were fined and costs were awarded
to the Council.
Regular inspection of the 13 dairies within the Borough have
shown them to be maintained in a hygienic condition. The
Pasteurising and Bottling depot in Bollo Lane has continued processing
to capacity, with no cause for complaint.
Of 153 samples of milk taken during the year, only three were
unsatisfactory—one failing in the Methylene Blue test, and two
failing in the Phosphatase test.
Samples of water totalling 35 taken from various sources in the
Borough were submitted to bacteriological and chemical examinations
in 27 and 8 cases respectively, and all results indicated satisfactory
Ice Cream.
With the coming into force of the Ice Cream (Heat Treatment)
Regulations 1946, a number of Ic.e Cream manufacturers in the
Borough immediately ordered new plant and machinery, in order
that their processing should be in conformity with the regulations
as early as possible. In only two cases has the complete plant been
delivered, and generally there has been a difficulty of obtaining
coolers and thermometers. Some small manufacturers have adopted
the "cold mix " process, and others have decided to purchase
manufactured Ice Cream wholesale.
It may be said that the effect of the regulations and the
prescribed laboratory examinations of samples has led to a product
with an improved bacteriological standard. Of 63 samples taken
during the year, 22 gave indications that there were deficiencies in
the operation of the plant, or carelessness in handling the product,
close inspection of the premises and plant and follow-up sampling
resulted in a quick return to a satisfactory standard in the defaulting

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