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Acton 1940

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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Dental Inspection and Treatment.

(1) Number of children inspected by the Dentist:(4) Attendances made by children for treatment1834
Age:5) Half-days devoted to:
(a) Routine age-groups -5— 313Inspection25
7— 350
9— 357(6) Fillings :
10— 340
Permanent Teeth853
11— -286
Temporary Teeth40
12— 316
13— 277Total893
14— 36'
-2949(7) Extractions:
Permanent Teeth433
(b) Specials17Temporary Teeth Total1672 2105
(c)Total (Routine & Special)2966(8) Administrations of general anaesthetics for extractions979
(9) Other Operations:
(2)Number found to require treatment2093Permanent Teeth113
Temporary Teeth62
(3) Number actually treated1342Total175
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Verminous Conditions.

Average number of visits per school made during the year by the School Nurses7
Total number of examinations of children in the Schools by School Nurses14558
Number of individual children found unclean:—
Vermin and Nits27
Slightly Infested209
Number of individual children cleansed under Section 87 (2) and (3) of the Education Act, 1921
Number of cases in which legal proceedings were taken:—
(a) Under the Education Act, 1921-
(b) Under School Attendance Byelaws
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