London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Acton 1939

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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Diphtheria Immunisation,1939.

School.Primary Schick test.Inoculations with A.P.T.Re-inoculation alterSchick test after 3 years.
Pos.Neg.fist.2nd.3rd.3 years.Pos.Neg.
Acton Wells Senior----17-1
Acton Wells Junior---11235-
Acton Wells Infants'--22347--
Beaumont Park Senior-----16-6
Beaumont Park Junior--11318-
Beaumont Park Infants'*--532014-
Berrymede Junior Boys’-2924
Berrymede Junior Girls’-416
Berrymede Infants'-910264
Derwentwater Junior---21332-
Derwentwater Infants'--716267-
John Perryn Senior-----2723
John Perryn Junior-331
John Perryn Infants'-162412
Priory Boys'-----1116
Pri6ry Girls'-----15
Priory Infants'-115163311-
Rothschild Junior Rothschild Infants'----626-
Southfield Senior-----727
Southfield Junior1-231032
Southfield Infants'--1091612-
Roman Catholic---2192-
West Acton--1013228-
Isolation Hospital--6613--
Infant Welfare1069611111