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Acton 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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Number of children who attended for the first time during the year:-
(a) under 1 year of age594
(b) between 1 and 5 years of age209
Percentage of notified live births represented by number of children who attended a centre for the first time during the year72%
Children treated at Dental Clinic135
Children treated at Ophthalmic Clinic10
Mothers treated at Ophthalmic Clinic-
Children operated on for enlarged tonsils and adenoids2
Children operated on with X-Ray for Ringworm-


Number of Expectant Mothers who attended249
Number of attendances made by Expectant Mothers283
Mothers referred for Dental treatment at the Clinic90
Mothers supplied with Dentures34
Expectant Mothers to whom Dried Milk was supplied free72
Number of packets of Dried Milk supplied free1186


Struck by motor car10Collision on railway1
Suicide10Knocked down by train1
Accidental fall1Accidental burns1
Struck by motor cycle1Post traumatic epilepsy1
Fall from motor cycle1Septicaemia after teeth extraction1
Injuries by laundry machinery1
Fall from train1
Coroner's Certificate after Post Mortem without an Inquest-31.
Heart Disease16Pulmonary Congestion2
Cerebral Haemorrhage4Phthisis1
Nephritis2Inattention at birth1
Cirrhosis of Liver4