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Acton 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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The following is a statement of the particulars appearing in the Register of cases of Tuberculosis on 31st December, 1936:—

Number of Cases on the Register at the commencement of the year159 males 162 females35 males 25 females381
Number of Cases notified for the first time during the year50 males 32 females10 males 4 females96
Number of Cases previously removed from the register which have been restored thereto during the year1 male femalesmale 1 females2
Number of Cases added to the Register other than by notification4 males 3 females1 male females8
Number of Cases removed from the Register during the year40 males 29 females1 male 4 females74
Number of Cases remaining on the Register at the end of the year174 males 167 females45 males 26 females413

In 1936, the Tuberculosis Officer examined 63 new cases
of pulmonary tuberculosis, and 13 new cases of non-pulmonary
tuberculosis. Fifty-five patients were admitted to Sanatoria
under the County Scheme, and thirteen were admitted to hospitals.