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Acton 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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obtains. In the others, the information was refused,
or was not available. Where information was available,
the method of appointment and payment varied. In
one instance the meat inspectors used to be appointed
and paid for by the firm ; this practice has now been
varied—the appointments are ostensibly made and paid
for by the Council, but the salaries are refunded to
the Council by the firm. Where the salaries are paid
by the firms it is obvious that the Council cannot have
control. In one instance, where the Veterinary Inspector
is appointed by the firm, information was refused,
but we were informed that about a quarter of
a million pigs are slaughtered annually.
Although there are differences in the percentages of carcases
and heads diseased and condemned in slaughter-houses where
the Council's whole time inspectors Oarry out the work, these are
insignificant compared with the differences between the slaughterhouses
where inspections are carried out by the Council's inspectors
and those carried out by inspectors directly or indirectly controlled
by the firm. The figures suggest that not only are there grounds
for the complaints that different standards are observed in different
districts, but that the standard of inspection in some bacon factories
is lax and indifferent.

Whole-time Meat Inspectors.


Total examined.Percentage of carcases diseased and destroyed.Percentage of heads diseased and destroyed