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Acton 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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Station, as when the time of departure was near they were found
to be still verminous. This year not one single child had to be so
dealt with where the mother had known for any length of time that
a holiday was imminent. 6 places had to be filled at the last moment
because 6 children were rejected at the medical examination, and
several of these last minute children had to go to the Cleansing
Station to be treated.
46 different parties of children were sent off, some to Folketone
and Whitstable, most to the West Country, Somerset, Wiltshire,
Hereford, &c., and some to Warwickshire and Norfolk. It will be
seen what an enormous amount of work was entailed in planning,
collecting and arranging for such numbers, and Miss Stevens is
to be congratulated on her administration which allowed of its
taking place so efficiently.
Only one child while away had to have medical attention,
and the reports on the behaviour of the children were on the whole
very good. One or two children were troublesome, one boy in
particular making himself a nuisance. He has since had to be sent
to a Special Home for Difficult Children.
Much kindness was experienced amongst the Country Hostesses,
one offered to keep a little girl for an extra week without
payment as she was so obviously benefiting by the change.
The Head Teachers have reported favourably on the results
of the holidays on the children's health and appearance, and
sincere thanks are due to Miss Stevens for the endless trouble she
took to make the scheme a success.


The following Table gives the number of home visits paid by the Nurses during the year. The visits have been divided into school distribution.

Acton Wells191Priory262
Beaumont Park179Rothschild313
Central2Roman Catholic18
Derwentwater182Special School
John Perryn186Total2261