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Acton 1936

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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sessions thus arranged artificially sending up the number of extractions
for the year. It has been necessary also in 1936 to have
extra extractions sessions whenever it was found possible to fit
them in, as otherwise the waiting list tended to become unmanageable
Ideally the position would be such that at the end of the year
only so much work remained as could be overtaken while the new
year's work was being organised, but that at present is unfortunately
not the case, as over 1000 cases at the end of the year were waiting
either treatment or consent for treatment, this representing a lag
of about 2 months. The time lag is greater than this seems, as unfortunately
it is not always possible for appointments given, to be
kept by the patients. This means waste of valuable time which might
have been filled by someone else on the waiting list, as notice may
not be given in time to make a further appointment. Where a
reason for not keeping the appointment can be given, further appointments
can be made, but "did not turn up" is an all too frequent
cause of wasted time which might have been spent in reducing
further the waiting list.

Figures for the work carried out for elementary school children are contained in Tables at the end of the report, and below are figures for work carried out on the Technical and County Schools, and for the Welfare Clinics.

Secondary Schools.Welfare Centres.
Referred for trt.45388135
Other operations66108

During 1936, only 12 cases of Diphtheria were notified in
the Borough, making this a record year. There were 2 deaths,
for both of whom immunisation had been refused.