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Acton 1929

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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these, pigs alone are slaughtered, and in the other no pigs are
slaughtered. The inspection of the carcases in these two slaughter
houses takes up a considerable amount of the time of the officers
of the Council as a perusal of the following tables would suggest :
Diseased Meat
Tuberculosis. Pigs.
9 Carcases with Heads. 2 Legs of Pork
96 Heads. 124 lbs. of Pork.
6 Forequarters of Pork. 128 Plucks.
4 Hindquarters of Pork. 2480 lbs. Chitterlings
11 Carcases of Beef. 2 Breasts of Veal.
2 Calves' Carcases -with Offal 1 Brisket of Veal.
28 Forequarters of Beef. 37 Ox Offals.
4 Hindquarters of Beef. 46 .sets Cows' Lungs with
1 Top Piece of Beef. l. Hearts.
4 Rumps of Beef. 41 Ox Heads and Tongues.
6 Loins of Beef. 42 Ox Livers.
2 Flanks of Beef. 5 Ox Mesenteries.
2 Middle Ribs of Beef. 1 Ox Tripe.
4 Briskets of Beef. 5 Calves' Heads.
257 lbs. of Beef. 54 Calves' Plucks.
2 Hindquarters of Veal. 1 Calf's Liver.
1 Hindquarter of Veal. 1 Calf's Kidney.
Parasites. Bovines.
83 Ox Livers. 2 Ox Kidneys.
1 set Ox Lungs with Heart. 1 Calf Pluck.
20 sets Ox Lungs.
59 Sheep's Plucks.
54 Sheeps' Livers.
115 sets Sheeps' Lungs.
Pleurisy. Bovines.
1 Forequarter of Veal. 2 sets Calves' Lungs.
9 Breasts of Veal. 13 sets Ox Lungs
II Calves' Plucks. Hearts.
6 sets Calves' Lungs with Hearts.
5 Forequarters of Mutton. 14 Sheeps' Plucks.
14 Breasts of Mutton.

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