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Acton 1905

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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Our present Bye-laws provide that no pigs shall be kept
within 200-ft. of a dwelling-house, but nothing is mentioned as
to the distance they shall be kept from the road. If there was
a Rye-law stating the distance from the road it would be very
useful, and help us to deal with the piggeries mentioned above,
as they abut immediately on to a frequented road.


There are two offensive trades in the district (fat extractors), as follows:—

Name.SituationDate Established.
Arthur Phillips50, Hanbury Road1863
James William Laws110, Bollo Bridge Road1865
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These premises have been frequently visited during the
year. As you are aware, the buildings are very unsuitable for
this kind of business, and steps are being taken to compel the
occupiers to carry out certain works.
There are only two common lodging houses in the district.
One is most up to date and has accommodation for 147 lodgers.
Both premises have been regularly inspected, and on all occasions
were found to be in a satisfactory condition.
We have a lot of this class of house in the parish, and I
am now devoting my attention to the compilation of a complete
Register, with a view to putting into force the Council's Bye-laws
dealing with such premises.

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