London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Acton 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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As toMade underAct.Section.
Slaughter-housesP. H. A., 1875169
Removal of Snow, Filth, &c.P. H. A., 187544
WaterclosetsP. H. A. A. A 189023
Paving of YardsP. H. A. A. A., 189023
Removal of House RefuseP. H. A. A. A., 189023
CommonsMetropolitan Commons Supplemental Act, 1882
Employment of ChildrenEmployment of Children Act, 19031, 2, 4. 9
Cleanliness and Position of Water CisternsActon Improvement Act, 190480
Isolation HospitalsAction Improvement Act, 190419

With regard to the Byelaws made by the Middlesex
County Council, and which are in force in the District.
These can only be put in execution by the Police
and Middlesex County Council.

County Council Byelaws.

The following are in force in the District:—

As toMade by
Tent Dwellers, &c.Middlesex County Council.
Disturbance of Persons Assembled in Public BuildingsDo.
Indecent BathingDo.
Lights to VehiclesDo.
Posting Bills without PermissionDo.
Street MusicDo.
Shooting Galleries, Roundabouts, &c.Do.
Betting in StreetsDo.
Abusive and Profane LanguageDo.
Disorderly Conduct and Noisy AnimalsDo.