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Acton 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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During the year 40,128 cubic yards of house refuse
were deposited at this shoot.
Some months ago I received complaints with regard
to the nuisance from flies in certain portions of the northern
district, and I reported on the best means of disinfecting
the dust shoot, as there is no doubt that this shoot is a
favourable breeding ground for these pests.
I reported that I was of opinion that the method of
disinfection would be the cause of another nuisance, so
that the Council did not take any action in the matter.
If householders would only burn all vegetable
matter instead of putting it into the dustbin, this would
do much to mitigate the nuisance from flies.
In the summer time very few fires are lighted owing
to the convenience of gas stoves, and there is no doubt
that this is the reason that so much vegetable refuse is
put into the dustbins.
Scavenging and Cleansing.
The District is also divided into two for the
cleansing and scavenging of the streets.
Eight sweepers are employed to the North of the
High Street and 11 to the South.
The men work in gangs of two and four.
During the year 16,810 cubic yards of road-dust and
slop were removed from the roads and street gulleys.
Street Watering.
The watering of the streets is done by the Council's
own vans and men. During the summer months 16
vans are employed on this work, and 24,300 loads of
water are spread over the streets in the District.
I am very pleased with the manner in which all this
work is carried out.