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Acton 1902

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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Officer of Health should have an efficient staff. I cannot speak too
highly of the way in which I was seconded by Messrs Kinch and
Fraser, the Sanitary Inspectors, and also by Mr King, who disinfected
the premises. They all cheerfully fell in with the work without a
moment's delay on any day of the week, or at any time day or night.
It was remarkable how much of the work in connection with the outbreak
fell to our lot after ordinary office hours, and especially upon Sundays.
Much of our success in dealing with the epidemic was also due to
my brother practitioners, for they one and all informed me at once of
any suspicious case, and kindly asked me to see the patient with them.
In conclusion, I take this opportunity of gratefully acknowledging
the good counsel and support which I received from the members of
the Sanitary Committee and the Council. Mr Morris, Chairman of
the Council, Mr Hunt, then Chairman of the Sanitary Committee, and
our present Chairman of the Committee, Mr Monson, gave up much of
their valuable time in assisting to tide us over a very anxious period.


One hundred and nine cases were notified during the year. The following table shows the ages of those affected

Age.No. of Cases.Age.No. of Cases.
Under 1 year112 years3
1 „313 „3
2 ,,614 „3
3 „1015 „1
4 „1016 „4
5 „818 „1
6 „819 „2
7 „1320 „3
8 ,,921 to 25 years6
9 ,,226 to 30 „5
10 „331 to 40 „3
11 ,,2Total109

So far as these cases go they show that there is little liability to the
illness under one year of age; that up to four years the liability
increases, then gradually diminishing as years go on. The above
figures also show that no age up to middle life is entirely exempt.