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Acton 1901

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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The number of cases notified during the year was 172, a number
that contrasts very favourably with 333 cases notified in 1900.

The following table gives the number reported each year since the Act came into force :—

Small Pox137221
Scarlet Fever108637419286671939316711124382
Membranous Croup4131411
Typhoid Fever13131519152814109462927
Continued Fever12
Puerperal Fever11213311

The above table does not include 25 cases of Chicken Pox, which
on my recommendation you made a notifiable disease last October.
Nearly all other districts have followed our example. Chicken Pox
is a disease that somewhat resembles Small Pox in the early stages.
We now receive weekly returns of infectious cases from the Local
Government Board of all the principal towns in England and Wales,
who have adopted the course of notifying every week to the Local
Government Board.