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Acton 1901

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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The remedy, which I have before suggested, is to establish a Creche,
where for a small fee the infants could be looked after and properly
A leaflet giving instructions as to the importance of boiling the
milk, and the storage of food, is widely circulated during the summer
In the houses of the poorer class the household food is put in a
cupboard, or simply exposed in the dwelling, or it may be a sleeping
room ; in such cases as these contamination of the food is almost certain
to take place.
Thirty-five deaths were caused by Phthisis, and nine by other
Tubecular Diseases.
I attended the Congress on Tuberculosis, held in London last
Summer, and shortly afterwards wrote the following leaflet, which has
been widely circulated.
(i.e. tuberculosis of the lungs.)
Leaflet issued by the Acton District Council.
Consumption (with other forms of Tuberculosis) causes one death
in every eight in this country, and gives rise to a vast amount of suffering,
often long continued.
Consumption is to a large extent a preventable disease, and might
be almost or entirely exterminated if the nature, causes, and means of
prevention were generally known, and if the measures required for this
purpose were thoroughly and systematically carried out.

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