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Acton 1899

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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The following patients were admitted into the Willesden Isolation Hospital during 1899:—

L. W.Jan. 27, 1899Mar. 27, 189926ii0
H. P.April 10, ,,June 1, „2380
F. S.May 25, ,,July 13, „2210
W. B.July 31, „Aug. 31. „13190
W. A. P.Sept. 13, „Nov. 2, „22100
G. P.Sept. 27, „Dec. 7, „31190
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In addition five patients suffering from Enteric Fever were treated
in the Acton Cottage Hospital, four at the West London Hospital,
Hammersmith, and one at Isleworth. One patient convalescent from
Scarlet Fever was sent to the Mary Wardell Home, Stanmore, during
the year. Four little patients were taken at a moment's notice to the
West London Hospital, suffering from Diphtheria. Such cases as these
give great anxiety. One is suddenly called, often late at night, to find
a child dying from laryngeal obstruction due generally to Diphtheritic
Membrane; to save the child's life the operation of Tracheotomy has to
be performed without delay, yet to attempt the operation without skilled
nursing and proper surroundings is fatal. The West London Hospital
has kindly come to my aid, often opening a ward specially for the
patient. Three patients recovered out of four on whom the operation
of Tracheotomy was performed, although two had practically stopped
breathing on arrival at the hospital. Cases such as the above point to
the great want of an Infectious Hospital.

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