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Acton 1899

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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2. If the infant be brought up by hand, cow's milk, previously
boiled and properly diluted should be given.
For the first two months give twice as much water as milk.
From two to three months give equal parts of milk and water.
From three to six months give one third part water.
Each bottle should be sweetened with a little sugar.

3. The amount of food to be given at each meal and the intervals between meals, should be as follows:-

Age.Interval of Feeding.Average Amount at each Feeding.Average Amount in 24 hours.
1st week2 hours1 ounce10 ounces
1st to 6th week2½ ,,1½ to 2 „12 to 16 „
6th to 12th week and possibly to 5 th or 6th month3 ,,3 to 4 ,,18 to 24 „
At 6 months3 ,,6 „36 ,,
At 10 months3 ,,8 „40 „
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Note—One ounce is equal to two tablespoonfuls.
4. When eight month's old, a healthy baby may be allowed, in
addition to the milk diet, a little boiled bread and milk, rusks soaked in
milk, yolk of egg and milk, beef tea, mutton broth (½1b. of the meat to
a pint of water), fine oatmeal, Mellin's or Benger's Food, Wheaten flour,
Savory & Moore's Food, Allen & Hanbury's Food. Never give Wine,
Beer, Spirits, Tea or Coffee, Cake or Sweets.
5. Condensed Milk is never so good for infants as fresh milk, but
if it is used at all it must be Condensed Whole Milk. Never give

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