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Acton 1894

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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require the greatest care to prevent the serious lung complications
that may supervene. I am pleased to state that the death rate is
the lowest since 1890, and the zymotic lower than the two
preceeding years.
You will notice that as usual the infant mortality is
very high, no less than 133 deaths under one year, a death rate
of 159.4 per thousand births. From the certificates sent in the
majority of deaths under one year are from improper feeding, and
1 have made some further remarks in this report to show how
this evil may to a certain extent be mitigated.
In the middle of 1894, the population was estimated
to be 27,600, an increase of 1,600 since the middle of 1893.

The following table shows the number of the population and the inhabited houses at the four preceeding censuses.

Year.Inhabited Houses.Population.
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Total number of births registered was 834, as against
831 in 1893, an increase of 3, Birth Rate 30.2 per thousand
persons living, as against 31.9 in 1893.

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