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Acton 1894

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Acton]

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It will be noticed that the death rate is the lowest since 1890, and the zymotic lower than the two preceeding years.

Small Pox-------
Scarlet Fever2134103
Whooping Cough9133625517
Typhoid Fever11342
Diarrhoea & Dysentery10121824346017
Puerperal Fever164
Total number of Deaths from 7 Zymotic Diseases24604345918963
Deaths from other causes282377298368334396330
Total Deaths306437341413425486393
Death rate from seven' Zymotic diseases per thousand1.
Death rate from other 1 causes per thousand.)12.916.112.015.313.415.212
General Death rate per thousand13.9918.913.917.11718.614.2
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There have been no deaths from Small Pox, fifteen deaths
from Measles, 13 of which were children under 5 years of age who
succumbed to lung complications.
Three deaths from Scarlet Fever, and 5 from Diphtheria
were registered, one of these occurred at the West London
Hospital, the others as isolated cases in different parts of the

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