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Marylebone 1964

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Marylebone, Metropolitan Borough]


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    Population—1961 Census:—
    Age GroupsM.F.TotalPercentage of Population
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    Financial Contributions to Voluntary Organisations. Payments to the funds of voluntary bodies were, on the recommendation of the Public Health Committee, made by the Council during 1964, as follows:—
    Organisations.d.Statutory Authority
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    Care of Old People. The number of old persons of whom the Department have particulars is as follows:—
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    Noise. Seventy-nine complaints of noise were received and these concerned 53 alleged nuisances anc necessitated 440 visits by the public health inspectors. A substantial proportion of the complaint; were of noise coming from building sites, demolitions, and engineering works and operations, whicl may be summarised as follows:—
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    The remainder of the supposed causes were as follows, namely:—
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    SECTION D.— HOUSING Permanent Estates. The Town Clerk has kindly supplied the following information regarding housing accommodation provided by the Council up to 31st December, 1964:—
    Pre-War EstatesNo. of Dwellings
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    The properties which have been purchased in pursuance of this policy, and now managed by the Council, comprise nearly 900 dwellings and are as follows:—
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    The number adulterated or about which some comment was made was 54 or 22 per cent. The incidence of these criticisms may be classified as follows:—
    Number of samples examinedNumber of samples adulterated, etc.
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    TABLE 3.—Weather Statistics. Station : Regent's Park. Height of rain-gauge above mean sea level : 129 feet.
    1964Air TemperatureRainfallWeather Number of DaysBright Sunshine
    Means ofMean of A and BHighest and LowestTotalMost in a dayRainSnow or SleetThunder heardFog (9h. G.M.T.)Air FrostGround FrostGale, force 8 or moreTotalDaily MeanPer cent. of Average*
    A Max.B Min.Highest Max.DateLowest Min.DateAmt.Date
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    TABLE 4.—Summary of Road Accidents Involving Personal Injury.
    MonthNumber of AccidentsCasualties
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    TABLE 5.—Dwelling-Houses: Summary of Inspections, Conditions Found and Action Taken.
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    TABLE 6.— Nuisances Remedied.
    Nuisance Abated or Defect RemediedNumber
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    TABLE 7.—Chemical Examination of Water supplied to St. Marylebone—Average Results. Milligrammes per Litre (unless otherwise stated)
    Analysis dataSource of Supply
    HamptonAshford Common
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    TABLE 8.— Bacteriological Examination of Water supplied to St. Marylebone-Average Results after Treatment.
    Source of supplyNumber of samplesAgar plate count per ml.Coliform countE. coli count
    20-24 hours at 37°C.3 days at 22°C.Per cent. samples negative in 100 ml.Per cent. samples negative in 100 ml.
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    TABLE 9.—Rodent Control.
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    TABLE 10.—Offices, Shops and Railway Premises—Registration and General Inspections*.
    Class of PremisesNumber of Premises Registered During the YearNumber of Registered Premises at End of YearNumber of Registered Premises Receiving a General Inspection During the Year†
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    TABLE 11.—Analysis of Recorded Particulars of Persons Employed in Registered Premises by Workplace.
    Class of WorkplaceNo. of Persons Employed
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    TABLE 12.—Factories: Inspections for Purposes of Provisions as to Health.
    PremisesRegisteredInspectionsWritten noticesOccupiers prosecuted
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    TABLE 13.—Factories: Defects.
    FoundRemediedReferredIn respect of which prosecutions were instituted
    To H.M. Inspector of FactoriesBy H.M. Inspector of Factories
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    TABLE 14.—Summary of Outwork.
    Description of WorkOutworkers Employed
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    TABLE 15.—Pharmacy and Poisons Acts, 1852-1941: Summary of Sellers of Part II Poisons.
    Type of BusinessTotal Licensed
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    TABLE 16.—Public Conveniences.
    ConvenienceUrinalsW.C's (free)Wash basins (free)Additional Information
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    TABLE 17.—Unsound Food Voluntarily Surrendered.
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    TABLE 18.—Summary of Premises Registered for Preserving Food or for the Manufacture, Storage or Sale of Ice-Cream.
    Type of BusinessPreserving FoodIce Cream
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    TABLE 19.—Summary of Food Premises.
    Type of BusinessTotals
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    TABLE 20.—Notifiable Diseases and Notifications.
    * Notifiable DiseaseCases notified in whole BoroughCases removed to hospitalCases isolated at home
    At all agesAt ages—years
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    TABLE 21.—Tuberculosis: New Cases and Deaths.
    At ages— years*NEW CASESDEATHS
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    TABLE 22.—Tuberculosis: Summary of Register.
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    TABLE 23.—Diseased or Infirm Persons Removed to Hospital, etc.,Under Court Orders.
    PersonsAgeRemoved toRemarks
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    TABLE 24.—Food Poisoning—Family and Other Outbreaks.
    Causative AgentFamily OutbreaksOther OutbreaksTotal number of cases
    NumberNumber of casesNumberNumber of cases
    NotifiedOtherwise ascertainedNotifiedOtherwise ascertained
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    TABLE 25.—Food Poisoning—Single Cases.
    Causative AgentNumber of cases
    NotifiedOtherwise ascertainedTotal
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    TABLE 26.—Summary of Work of the Bacteriological Laboratory.
    Nature of Specimen and ExaminationPositiveNegativeTotal
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    TABLE 27.—New Legislation.
    LegislationOperative Date