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Marylebone 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Marylebone, Metropolitan Borough]


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    TABLE 1.—Deaths—According to Age-Group and Sex.
    Code No.CAUSE OF DEATHNet Deaths at the Sub-joined Ages of Residents (Male and Female) whether occurring within or without the Borough
    All AgesUnder 1 year1 and under 55 and under 1515 and under 2525 and under 4545 and under 6565 and upwards
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    TABLE 2. — Infant Mortality—According to Age-Group and Sex.
    CAUSE OF DEATHUnder 1 week1 and under 2 weeks2 and under 4 weeks1 and under 3 months3 and under 6 months6 and under 9 months9 and under 12 monthsTotal
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    TABLE 3.—Weather Statistics. Station: Regent s Park. Height of rain-gauge above mean sea level:129 feet.
    1961Air TemperatureRainfallWeather Number of DaysBright Sunshine
    Means ofMean of A and BHighest and LowestTotalMost in a dayRainSnow or SleetThunder heardFog (9h. G.M.T.)Air FrostGround FrostGale, force 8 or moreTotalDaily MeanPer cent. of Average*
    A Max.B Min.Highest Max.DateLowest Min.DateAmt.Date
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    Table 4.—Summary of Road Accidents.
    MonthNumber of AccidentsFatalInjuries
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    TABLE 5.—New Legislation.
    LegislationOperative Date
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    TABLE 6.— Dwelling-Houses : Summary of Inspections, Conditions Found and Action Taken.
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    TABLE 7.—Nuisances Remedied.
    Nuisance Abated or Defect RemediedNumber
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    TABLE 8.— Chemical Examination of Water supplied to St. Marylebone—Average Results. Milligrammes per Litre (unless otherwise stated)
    Source of Supply:—HamptonAshford CommonBarn Elms
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    TABLE 9.—Bacteriological Examination of Water supplied to St. Marylebone—Average Results after Treatment.
    Source of supplyNumber of samplesAgar plate count per ml.Coliform countE. coli count
    20-24 hours at 37°C.3 days at 22°C.Per cent, samples negative in 100 ml.Per cent, samples negative in 100 ml.
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    TABLE 10.—Rodent Control.
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    TABLE 11.— Air Pollution. Readings from Deposit Gauges and Other Apparatus for Measuring Air Pollution
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    TABLE 12.—Air Pollution. Annual Daily Average of Mean Concentration of Smoke and Sulphur Dioxide.
    Smoke mg./100m3SO2p.p. 100m.Smoke mg./100m3SO2p.p. 100m.Smoke mg./100m3SO2p.p. 100m.Smoke mg./100m3SO2p.p. 100m.Smoke mg./100m3SO2p.p. 100m.
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    TABLE 13.—Air Pollution. Annual Monthly Average of Deposited Matter and Sulphur Trioxide.
    Tons per sq. mileMg. per 100 sq. cm. PbO2Tons per sq. mileMg. per 100 sq. cm. Pb02Tons per sq. mileMg. per 100 sq. cm. Pb02Tons per sq. mileMg. per 100 sq. cm. Pb02Tons per sq. mileMg. per 100 sq. cm. Pb02
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    TABLE 14.—Factories : Inspections for Purposes of Provisions as to Health.
    PremisesRegisteredInspectionsWritten noticesOccupiers prosecuted
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    TABLE 15.—Factories : Defects Found.
    FoundRemediedReferredIn respect of which prosecutions were instituted
    To H.M. Inspector of FactoriesBy H.M. Inspector of Factories
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    TABLE 16.—Summary of Outwork.
    Description of WorkOutworkers Employed
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    TABLE 17.—Pharmacy and Poisons Acts, 1852-1941 : Summary of Sellers of Part II Poisons.
    Type of BusinessTotal Licensed
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    TABLE 18.—RENT ACT, 1957.
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    TABLE 19.—Unsound Food Voluntarily Surrendered.
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    TABLE 20.—Summary of Premises Registered for Preserving Food or for the Manufacture, Storage or Sale of Ice-Cream.
    Type of BusinessPreserving FoodIce Cream
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    TABLE 21.—Summary of Food Premises.
    Type of BusinessTotals
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    TABLE 22.—Legal Proceedings : Food Hygiene.
    Date of HearingOffenceResult
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    TABLE 23.—Notifiable Diseases and Notifications.
    *Notifiable DiseaseCases, notified in whole BoroughCases removed to hospitalCases isolated at home
    At all agesAt ages—years
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    TABLE 24.—Tuberculosis : New Cases and Deaths.
    At ages— years*NEW CASESDEATHS
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    TABLE 25.—Tuberculosis : Summary of Register.
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    TABLE 26.—Summary of Work of the Bacteriological Laboratory.
    Nature of Specimen and ExaminationPositiveNegativeTotal