London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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City of London 1902

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London, City of ]

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Hermann's Restaurant, 41, London
Refreshment Rooms, Liverpool
Street Station, Great Eastern
The Arcadian Restaurant, Queen
Brooks' Wharf, Upper Thames
"The Spaten," Restaurant, Newgate
Spiers and Pond's Restaurant,
Mansion House Railway Station.
The Stock Exchange.
The Castle Tavern, Gresham Street.
The General Post Office.
Cold Air Stores, Cousin Lane.
Devonshire House Hotel, 12,
Bishopsgate Street Without.
Wilkinson's Dining Rooms, 44, Fish
Street Hill.
The Queen Anne Restaurant, Cheapside.
Messrs. Slaters' Restaurant, 26,
Messrs. Williamson's, Snow Hill.
Union and Castle Offices, Fenchurch
Messrs. Taddy's, Minories.
No. 58, Bishopsgate Street Within.

In five of the above, prosecutions were instituted under the Public Health (London) Act, 1891, with the following results:—

Date.Name.Business.Address.Where heardBefore whom.Offence.Result.
1902. April 2Frederick H. Callingham.Proprietor"Queen's Arms," Bird-in-Hand Court.Mansion House.Mr. Ald. G. W. Truscott.Permitting smoke nuisance.Pined £1 and 2s. expenses. Abatement and Prohibition Order issued (six weeks).
„ 25Ed. J. BennettDitto"Castle Tavern," Gresham Street.DittoDittoDittoFined £1 and 4s. 6d. expenses. Abatement and Prohibition Order issued (six weeks).
„ 25 & May 1Philip A. Berrisford.Ditto"Windmill Restaurant," Cannon Street.DittoDittoDittoFined £1 and 7s. 6d. expenses. Abatement and Prohibition Order issued (seven days).
July 22Great Eastern Railway Co.Refreshment Rooms.Liverpool Street Station.GuildhallAld. Sir G. F. Phillips.Smoke nuisance.Abatement and Prohibition Order (one month).
„ 23Messrs. Slaters, Ltd.Restaurant8, King William Street.Mansion House.Mr. Ald. Alliston.DittoAbatement and Prohibition Order (forthwith), with 21s. expenses.