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London County Council 1942

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]


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    The principal vital statistics for 1942, together with the corresponding figures for 1941, are set out below.
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    Infectious disease notifications (civilians only) are shown below:—
    1942 (52 weeks)1941 (53 weeks)
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    The death-rates from these causes per 1,000 live births in London and England and Wales in recent years are shown in the following table:—
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    Particulars in regard to tuberculosis are given below (the figures for 1941 being shown in brackets):—
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    The following is a summary of work done at the London clinics for all areas from 1936:—
    YearNew casesTotal venereal casesTotal non-venereal cases
    Syphilis8. ChancreGonorrhœa
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    YearTotal attendancesIn-patient daysPathological examinations for
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    The number of recommendations for residential treatment with the corresponding figures for 1941, 1940 and 1938 (the last pre-war year) were:—
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    The numbers of beds occupied by patients under the tuberculosis scheme on 31st December, 1942 (with corresponding figures for 1941 and 1938) were as follows:—
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    The following is a statement of the number of confinements undertaken by the Council's own midwives during 1942, compared with the year 1938, which was the first year of the Council's domiciliary midwifery service:—
    Maternity nursing casesMid wifery casesTotal
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    The numbers of patients admitted during 1942, compared with 1938 and 1941, are shown below:—
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    Pathological laboratory service The number of examinations (including post-mortem examinations) completed in the group laboratories during the year ended 31st December, 1942, as compared with the year 1941, is indicated hereunder:—
    Group laboratory19421941
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    Diphtheria and streptococcus antitoxin issued from the Belmont Laboratories during the year, compared with 1941, was as follows:—
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    Under Plan V (i.e., unaccompanied school children, and Plan VII (under fives accompanied by mothers)—
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    The particulars of these special parties in December were as follows:—
    Number of partiesNumber in residenceAccommodation
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    Particulars of detailed examinations at elementary schools during 1941 and 1942 are as follows:—
    Age group19421941
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    The following comparisons are made in regard to the children examined in the four age groups in the two most recent war-time years, and those examined in the same age groups in 1938, the last complete pre-war year of medical inspection:—
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    The percentage of children in each age group where nutritional condition was unsatisfactory (either slightly or grossly subnormal) is shown below:—
    Age group—boys and girls—194219411938
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    Medical treatment The following table gives for 1942, 1941, 1940 and 1938 the numbers of "new" cases treated (a) at the treatment centres and hospitals included in the Council's scheme; and (6) in the rheumatism (hospital) units:—
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    The number of London children accommodated in the Council's hospital schools at the end of December, 1942, was as follows:—
    Hospital school—Number
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    Provision of meals The education officer has supplied the following figures:—
    No. of children attending elementary schoolsNo. of children having school milkPercentage having milkPercentage of free cases to total number having milkNumber of children having dinnersPercentage having dinnersPercentage of free cases to total having dinners
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    MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES The following table shows the number of mental patients of all classes undergoing treatment in mental hospitals and institutions for the mentally defective during 1942 :—
    Lunacy and Mental Treatment ActsUn-certified senile patientsM.D. ActsTotal
    CertifiedVoluntaryTemporarySections 24 & 25
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    The number of patients under treatment in the emergency hospitals attached to the mental health services during 1942 on the undermentioned dates were:—