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London County Council 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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delivery of milk, 250; delivery of newspapers, 1,746 (14); carrying or delivery
of goods or parcels, 541 (5); in or in connection with a shop, 295 (5); in a coal
yard, 12; industrial work at home, 1; house work away from home, 16 (1); as a
messenger, 43 (2); miscellaneous, 10 (1).
In 234 cases the certificates were granted subject to medical treatment being
obtained, and in 44 additional cases other conditions were imposed. Certificates
on medical or other grounds were refused to 85 boys and 1 girl for the following
reasons:rheumatism, 1; dental condition, 1; defective vision, 3; heart condition,
5; scoliosis, 3; poor general condition, 9; flat-foot, 3; bronchitis, 1; non-medical
reasons such as "withdrawn, "illegal hours, under or over age, etc., 60.
The number of licences granted to permit children to take part in entertainments
during 1934 was higher than in any year since the Council first took over the
duty of granting licences in 1920. This year there was an unprecedented demand
for children to appear in pantomimes, and this was one of the causes of the increase.
There were also more troupes of children appearing in cinemas and music halls
throughout the year. The Council's decision that a child shall not take part in
more than two performances a day has had its full effect in 1934, with the result
that more children are being employed to act as substitutes so that the troupe may
be able to perform three times a day in cinemas.
of children
in entertainments.
The number of medical examinations of children under the regulations governing
the employment of children in entertainments was 723 (74 boys, 649 girls).
Four children, girls, were rejected on medical grounds-one enlarged glands, one
hernia, one chest trouble, and one heart disease. One hundred and twenty-six
children were referred for treatment in the first instance and given certificates of
fitness at a subsequent medical examination. The conditions requiring treatment
were dental decay 77, visual defect 19, throat condition 3, skin affection 12, personal
hygiene 8, anaemia 2, ear affection 3, and flat-feet 2.
Examination of employees in the education service and scholars.
In the year 7,266 entrants to the permanent education service, and candidates
for teaching awards and for scholarships, presented themselves for examination.
The following table indicates the numbers submitted for each grade and the results
of the examinations

Table 52.

Status.Number examined.Number fit.Number rejected.Number who withdrew after being referred for remediable defects or were not due for reexamination until 1936.
Permanent service27543826042843117
Teaching awards1453831433721318

* Including 6 permanent service cases (4 male, 2 female), 11 teaching awards (3 male,
8 female) and 8 scholarships (1 male, 7 female) referred from 1933.
† The causes of rejection were mainly defects of vision, unsatisfactory general health and
morbid conditions of the heart.