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London County Council 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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The first Maternity and Child Welfare Contributions (London) Scheme which
was made by the Minister of Health under section 101 (6) of the Local Government
Act, 1929, continued in force from 1st April, 1930, to 31st March, 1933, subject to
alterations made by the Minister of Health under section 131 (2) of that Act, and
fixed the amounts of the grants to be paid by the Council to the maternity and childwelfare
associations named in the first schedule to the scheme. Similar grants are
payable by the various Metropolitan Borough Councils to other child-welfare associations
in their boroughs. The money for these grants is contained in block grants
payable by the Ministry of Health to the Councils concerned.
The Maternity and Child Welfare Contributions (London) Schemes, 1930 and
1932, made by the Minister, covered the grant period which expired on 31st March,
The Maternity and Child Welfare Contributions (London) Schemes, 1933 and
1934, for the four years from 1st April, 1933 to 31st March, 1937, provide for payment
by the Council of grants in each of the financial years 1933-34, 1934-35, 1935-36,
1936-37, to fifty voluntary associations. The current schemes provide for payment
by the Council of grants amounting to £31,227 in the year 1934-35. The grants are
payable on the conditions (inter alia):—
(i) That the Council is satisfied as to the efficiency of the maternity and
child-welfare service provided by the association in respect of which the contribution
is payable, and that such service is being used by a reasonable number
of those persons for whom it is provided ;
(ii) That no reduction or alteration of such service is made without the
consent of the Council.
It is necessary therefore that these associations should be inspected from time to
tims by the Council's officers. This work is performed by the medical staff engaged
on work under the Nursing Homes Registration Act, while occasionally it also involves
the employment of a sanitary inspector, who is detailed by the chief inspector from
amongst his staff.
During the year 1934 (i) two homes under the control of one association were
amalgamated, and the mother and baby home service is now being conducted at
new premises ; and (ii) one mother and baby home service was transferred from
London to premises at Brighton.
Increases in the amount of grants to one mother and baby home and to one baby
home were sanctioned by the Minister of Health.
Examination of Staff.
During the year 9,271 examinations, including 308 home visits, were made of
members of the staff. These may be classified as follows :—
Entrants 1,587
Sickness cases 6,959*
Casualties, illness, etc., at County Hall 725
* 1,587 of these were dealt with in the first instance by telephone and correspondence.

Fifty-six applicants for appointment to the permanent service failed to the medical examination for the following reasons :—-

Defective hearing and ear diseases246
Defective vision and eye diseases12820
Poor physique and deformities5510
Cardio-vascular disease415
Varicose veins123
Kidney disease, albuminuria, &c.314
Tuberculosis and lung diseases22
Functional nervous disorders22
| Two cases of thyroid tumour and one of recurring tonsillitis.