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London County Council 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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In addition to the provision of treatment for tuberculous children in residential
institutions, the Council continued the use of the open-air schools (type T) specifically
for children with quiescent tuberculosis and for those suspected to be suffering from
tuberculosis or living in conditions rendering them particularly liable to the disease.
The tuberculosis officers of the areas in which the schools are situated serve as medical
officers of the schools and pay weekly visits to them.
schools for
The six schools—Elizabethan (Fulham), Geere House (Stepney), Kensal House
(Paddington), Springwell House (Battersea), Stormont House (Hackney), and
Nightingale House (Bermondsey) have a total nominal roll of 618. The number
on the roll on 31st December, 1934, was 572, and the average attendance for the year
was 494.4.
Admission to these schools is granted on a certificate of the medical officer of
the Council, and children returning home after a period of residential treatment
in sanatoria are given preference. During the year 1934, 216 children were admitted
and 214 discharged. Of the latter, 50 were transferred as fit to attend elementary
schools, 112 were fit for work, 3 were transferred to institutions for
residential treatment for tuberculosis or admitted to hospitals for various reasons,
25 moved away, 15 were transferred to special schools, and 9 were discharged for
other reasons (e.g., the distance was found to be too great for the children).
Efforts were made to secure that, during 1934, every child in attendance at these
schools should have a holiday out of London either by means of private arrangements
or through the education school journey organisation.
The following school journeys were made during the year, through the ordinary
school journey organisation:—

Table 26.

SchoolPeriod.Place visited.No. of children.
Elizabethan open-air school1.6.3414.6.34Whitstable21
Geere House15.6.3429.6.34Chelmsford25
Kensal House15.6.3429.6.34Whitstable25
Nightingale House (Boys)22.6.345.7.34Littlehampton45
„ (Girls)10.7.3424.7.3435
„ „ (Mixed)3.9.3416.9.3440
Stormont House16.5.3428.5.34Broadstairs70
Springwell House31.8.3413.9.34Isle of Wight80

In addition, provision was made for a further 56 children in accommodation
specially set aside for the purpose at Princess Mary's hospital for children, Cliftonville,
Margate. They went in two parties for a fortnight each, from 8th September to
6th October. The accommodation thus utilised was designated for the period,
"The Holiday School."
Only a very small residue of children failed to receive a holiday for various
reasons, such as removal from district, private arrangements for holiday failing to
material etc.
The numbers of children passing through the residential convalescent camp
schools during 1934 were: boys, 2.860; girls, 1,572; total, 4,432.
camp schools.
The experimental camp school for mentally defective children, at Loughton has
already been described (Annual Report for 1932, Vol. Ill, Part II, p. 38).
In detail the numbers were:—
Provided schools:— Boys. Girls.
King's Canadian school, Bushy Park 2,835 —
George Rainey, St. Leonards — 574
Wanstead House. Margate — 533
Total2,835 1,107