London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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Table 12.— Admissions to special hospitals and convalescent homes during 1934.

Hospital or home.Boys.Girls.
Rheumatism and /or chorea with no apparent cardiac involvementRheumatism or chorea with cardiac diseaseRheumatism and/or chorea with no apparent cardiac involvementRheumatism or chorea with cardiac disease.Total
Queen Mary's hospital, Carshalton167115195141618
High Wood hospital21147358166
Downs hospital60349745236
Lower Southern hospital15332252
Holy Cross convent51924

Table 13.-— Recominendations on discharge as to future education.

Hospital.p.d. school.Elementary school.Totally unfit.Over school ageRemovals from l.C.C. area.Total.
Queen Mary's, Carshalton12754059217781
High Wood24110201816188

Table 14.— Rheumatism supervisory centres.

Name of rheumatism supervisory centre.Number of children attending during 1934.Number of new cases.Attendances of old cases.Total attendances.Average number per session.Number of children from the centre who received hospital treatment or convalescence under the rheumatism scheme.
Bermondsey Medical Mission19116618935511.818
"Elizabeth Bullock"27010345055313.215
Hospital for Sick Children (Great Ormond-street)3681381,8241,9626.57
King's College hospital4171668621,02819.816
Princess Elizabeth of York hospital (Shadwell)41917670387917.925
Queen's hospital5701581,3421,50019.228
Royal Free hospital2611701,5611,73138.535
Royal Waterloo hospital7542322,4302,66231.09
St. George's hospital203813033849.11
St. Marylebone dispensary883842946711.12
Stoke Newington1736753760413.77
Total 19345,4662,18713,15315,34014.6241
1933 figures5,0931,97312,90714,88014.9297