London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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Site.Age groups.Total number of cases under review.Temporarily incapacitated.Permanently incapacitated.Remarks.
Recovery of full normal activities.Recovery of limited activities.Number.
Number.Average incapacity in weeks.Number.Average incapacity in weeks.
Femur-continued. into knee joint16 and under3329----
Adults524421111A2, delayed union two
70 and over1----1-
Pelvis16 and under-------
Adults13819--5A2, case was 78 years of age.
70 and over1--19-
Spine16 and under-------
70 and over-------
Ribs and sternum16 and under-------
Adults181284102A3, one of them was 80 years old.
70 and over3--192
Skull16 and under651913-Mother states that child acts peculiarly at times.
70 and over2----2
Mandible16 and under-------
70 and over-------
Shoulder girdle16 and under667----
70 and over526271-
Humerus- into shoulder joint16 and under337----
70 and over5210--3-
shaft16 and under439--1A3, multiple injuries, skin graft.
70 and over21815--
into elbow joint16 and under7710----
70 and over-------
Ulna and / or radius-elbow16 and under118----
Adults52221522A3, one non-union and the other myositis.
70 and over------
shaft16 and under131181101A2, a nerve lesion. A3, an amputation. A3, non-union. Mental.
70 and over1----1
wrist16 and under115----
Adults2417213134A2, two patients had osteo-arthritis.A3, one had multiple injuries and another suffered from tuberculosis.
70 and over6--3113A2, the ages were 78, 79 and 85 years.
Carpal bones16 and under-------
70 and over1---12-A2, age 85 years.
Metarcarpal and phalanges16 and under224----
70 and over-------

* The A2, category is made up of those not fit for full work or full normal activities because of some disability
existing before the fracture but able to return to the same work or activities as before the fracture.