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London County Council 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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The distribution of patients in institutions on 31st December, 1934, is shown below, the figures for 1933 being given in brackets:—

Hospital and institution.Ex-service men.Civilian adults.Children under 16 years.Total.
London County Council special hospitals7 (6)1,375(1,330)650 (605)2,032(1,941)
London County Council general hospitals8(9)1,122 ( 947)50 (44)1,180 (1,000)
Voluntary institutions27 (45)1,035 ( 879)81 (138)1,143(1,062)
Total42 (60)3,532(3,156)781 (787)4,355 (4,003)

The following table shows the results of observation of doubtfully tuberculous cases discharged from observation hospitals:—

Diagnosis on discharge from observation.For pulmonary tuberculosis.For non-pulmonary tuberculosis.Total.
Stay under 4 weeks.Stay over 4 weeks.Stay under 4 weeks.Stay over 4 weeks.
Doubtful. —

The immediate results of the treatment of patients discharged on completion
of treatment during 1934 and the two preceding years, are indicated in the subjoined
The percentages given in the second line of figures under each classification group
represent the percentage of the total number of cases falling within each classification
group. For example, in 1934 there were 721 "A," 240 "B1" 2,859 "B2"
and 1,814 "B3" cases discharged during the year. Of these numbers, 286 or 39.7
per cent. group "A," 105 or 43.8 per cent, group "B1" 191 or 6.7 per cent. group
"B2" and 3 or .2 per cent. group "B3" cases were discharged as quiescent,
totalling 585 quiescent cases, or 10.4 per cent. of the total number (5,634) of
pulmonary cases discharged during 1934.

Immediate results of treatment.Adults.

Classification.Quiescent.Not quiescent.Died in institution.Totals.
A Number33830628632632339512640676634721
Percentage50.048.339.748.250.954.81 .80.85.5100100100
B1. Number1118910595108133-12206198240
Percentage53 944.943.846 154.555.4-0.60.8100100100
B2. Number2141921912,1312,4452,55846531102,3912,6902,859
B3. Number--37406667872001831,0249408491,814
Percentage0.278.778.243 .421.321.856.4100100100
Total Pulmonary6635875853,2923,5423,8732582421,1764,2134,3715,634
Percentage34.841.042.361.655 14613.63.911.6100100100
Grand Total8287768043,5843,7964.1122752601,2364,6874,8326,152
Percentage17.716113176.478.666*85.95 3201100100100