London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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We should like to express acknowledgements of the hard and efficient work
which the staff of the department have done during the year. Radiotherapy is
an exacting form of treatment and can only be carried out efficiently by a staff whose
keenness and good team work are of a high order. We have been very fortunate
in the staff that we have had during the year to work with us.

T able 1.

Improved.Not improved.Died.Improved.Not improved.Died.
Melanotic sarcoma and carcinoma1111
Sarcoma of muscle1
„ lymphatic glands1211
„ retroperitoneal1
„ periosteum11
„ femur11
„ scapula1
„ humerus1
pelvic bones213
,, tibia2
Glioma of cerebrum112
Tumour of pineal gland1
„ brain212
Rodent ulcer25111511
Carcinoma—primary unknown1
„ conjunctiva1
„ middle ear3._1
„ nasal fossa1
„ maxillary antrum1282
.Malignant disease of nasopharynx2
Carcinoma of larynx212
„ extrinsic1215
Branchial cyst2
Carcinoma of bronchus51122
„ lung (primary)43111
Malignant disease of mediastinum111
Carcinoma of lip1512
„ buccal mucous membrane31
„ floor of mouth221712
Malignant disease of jaw1
Carcinoma of parotid4111
„ palate823
„ tongue41115413
l,ymphoepithelioma (Schmincke)21
Carcinoma of pharynx623
„ tonsil13871
„ hypopharynx331
„ cesophagus1311522
„ stomach416324
,, pylorus4
Carcinoma of colon, intestinal obstruction (caecum)13212
„ „ (ascending colon)11
„ „ (transverse colon)1221
„ „ (pelvic colon)12227
„ „ (general peritonitis)1
,, „ (rectum) Carcinoma of anus223111757
„ pancreas44
Malignant disease of liver22
Carcinoma of gall bladder1
„ bile duct1