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London County Council 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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Analysis op costs. Year 1st April, 1934, to 31st March, 1935.General Section.Accident Section.
1,766,885 miles. 144,848 journeys. 210,959 patients.222,518 miles. 44,532 journeys. 43,423 patients.
Cost per mileCost per journeyCost per patientCost per mileCost per journeyCost per patient
Salaries, wages and insurance—
Operating and control staff7.9099.3967.0932.02165.84168.28
Nursing service1.5919.9813,49---
Uniforms of operating staff0.161.981.330.703.643.70
Repairs (ordinary) to buildings, furniture, etc.0.141.711.160.351.831.86
Rents, rates, taxes, lighting, heating, water and insurance0.465.753.881.527.898.00
Stores and cleaning0.121.541.040.422.182.21
Repairs, including renewal of tyres2.1126.4717.862.2111.4411.61
Stores, petrol and sundry expenses1.8322.9415.481.407.267.37
Replacement of vehicles0.9712.168.211.588.218.32
Special charges—
Special works at stations, new stations, etc.
Telephones, etc.0.050.690.460.954.914.98
Stationery, postage, travelling and incidental expenses0.101.220.830.180.930.94
Deduct miscellaneous credits0.182.311.560.321.671.70
Net running cost (excluding depreciation but including replacement of vehicles)15.52162.951011.5835.531711.18182.33
Overhead charges—
Superannuation fund (Council's contributions)0.688.575.781.467.557.66
Annual charge in respect of capital outlay0.475.954.02---
Establishment charges—Pensions0.749.256.25---
Inclusive cost1s. 5¾d. per mile18s. 8d. per journey12s. 7d. per patient3s. 9d. per mile19s. 5d. per journey19s. 8d. per patient
Average : 12 .20 miles per journey.Average : 4 .59 miles per journey.
Comparative figures for year 1933-34—
Total mileage1,996,809198,674
Inclusive cost per mile1s. 3d.4s. 7¾d.
per journey16s. 3d.21s. 4d.
per patient10s. 11½d.21s. 10d.
Average mileage per journey13.04 miles.4.58 miles.

NOTE.—The service statistics of mileage, journeys, patients and miles per journey refer to the total work proper
to the section named. The cost per mile, per journey, and per patient are calculated on the total work
carried out by the section named whether proper to itself or to the other section, as, for flexibility in operation,
a system of mutual support has been put into force. It is not to be expected, therefore, that certain figures
in the table can be calculated from the others shown.