London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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Table XIII— Mileage run from each General Ambulance Station for the years1933and1934.

Council's establishments351,423338,932270,668303,240274,387303,608286,435306,055273,370339,323195,033191,494
Between places other than Council's establishments25,67932,69245,53048,39330,10828,31129,79328,16617,57619,14214,80712,718
Conveyance of stores, etc.5013191,3119901,370738170103221145281705
Conveyance of members of Council's staff (not sick staff), etc.7,2366,7271,8481,9611,9021,6816787654,9685,1962,7602,191

Notes.—(i) The figures for 1930 include the work carried out by the ambulancc and transport service of the late Metropolitan Asylums Board prior
to its absorption in the London Ambulance Service on 1st April, 1930, and by the vehicles of the late boards of guardians subsequent to their absorption
in the London Ambulance Service at varying dates during 1930. No figures are available as to the work carried out by those vehicles prior to the dates of
their absorption.
(ii) The greatest total numbers of miles run, persons conveyed and journeys made on any one day during the years 1933 and 1934 were as follows:—
1933 Miles run 7,395 Monday, 11th December.
1934 „ 9,274 Wednesday, 28th March.
1933 Persons conveyed 1,362 Thursday, 26th January.
1934 „ 1,333 Thursday, 29th March.
1933 Journeys 574 Monday, 16th January.
1934 „ 662 Monday, 5th March.