London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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(iv) Parturient women, if the case is one of urgency, whether from the home,
place of business or elsewhere, on the application of a qualified medical practitioner
or certified midwife, provided that either a doctor or midwife accompanies
the case; and
(v) Non-urgent cases of parturition if the call is made between the hours
of 11 p.m. and 8 a.m.,†and provided that admission to a maternity bed has
previously been arranged and a card (issued by the Council to hospitals,
maternity homes, etc.) for such admission obtained ;
(b) the Council's hospitals for infectious diseases of patients subject to the fulfilment
of certain conditions; and (c) the Council's hospitals and institutions for noninfectious
cases of patients when application is made:—
(i) through the Council's public assistance department; and
(ii) by, or on behalf of, the Council's special, general, and mental hospitals.
Ambulances and ambulance omnibuses are also provided by the Council, when
not required for the purposes stated above, on payment of charges, as laid down from
time to time by the Council, for the conveyance of infectious and non-infectious
cases between private houses, hospitals (other than to the Council's hospitals, etc.,
under the provisions of (a), (b) and (c) above), and nursing homes, and for examinations,
consultations and treatment by specialists or at special establishments.
The minimum charge is at the rate of 12s. 6d. between any two addresses
within the administrative county of London, or 1s. 6d. a mile if any portion of the
journey extends beyond the county boundary.
The conveyance of private persons between addresses both of which are outside
the administrative county of London is not undertaken, except in circumstances of
exceptional urgency.
Ambulance staff.
The following is a statement of the number of staff employed as at 31st December,

Accident section.

Leading driver (acting)1_1
Deputy leading driver (one vacancy)
Senior attendants (three vacancies)99
Drivers (F.l)‡43447
„ (E.1)2911
Attendants (F.l)‡5151

General section.

Ambulance station.Superintendent.Senior ambulance clerk (man).Ambulance clerks (men). Permanent.Drivers and attendants.Washers and helpers, etc.Total.
Relief duties_22

† These facilities will be extended to any hour of the day or night as from 1st April, 1935.
‡ Drivers qualified to carry out ordinary running repairs and attendants ordinarily in charge of
a shift are placed in grade (F. 1) under the scheme of grading recommended by the London District
Council of the Joint Industrial Council for Local Authorities' Non-Trading Services (Manual Workers).