London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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Special Hospitals—continued.

Table XXIV—The Downs Hospital for Children—Surgical operations under anesthetics during1934.

Condition.Nature of operation.No.
Diseases of the ear—
Acute otitis mediaParacentesis12
Mastoiditis, acute(1) Conservative mastoid operation
(a) Cortical11
(6) Heath's, no flap3
(c) Epitympanic1
(2) Radical (a) No flaps3
(6) With flaps5
Mastoiditis, chronic(1) Conservative (o) Heath's, no flaps7
(6) Heath's, with flaps44
(c) Heath's, with incudectomy1
(d) Cortical with muscle graft20
(e) Epitympanic1
(2) Radical (o) No flap103
(6) With flap110
Mastoid woundRemoval of granulations31
Plastic, various,6
PerichondritisIncision, drainage2
Mastoid abscessIncision, drainage2
FurunculosisIncision, drainage1
Foreign bodyRemoval2
Diseases of throat and nose—
Enlarged tonsils and adenoidsRemoval by guillotine137
Removal by dissection11
AdenoidsRemoval by curette2
Antral infectionAntrostomy3
Deviated septumSubmucous resection1
Other conditions—
AbscessIncision, drainage3
OnyohiaRemoval of nail5
Cellulitis of fingerIncision1
ExploratoryLumbar puncture2
GanglionRemoval by dissection1

Table XXV— Causes of death during1934.—Non-tuberculous diseases, (a) The Downs Hospital for Children.

Principal disease.Complication.Number
Rheumatic heart diseaseCardiac failure7
Bronchopneumonia, acute pericarditis1
Acute rheumatismMitral stenosis1
Chorea, mitral incompetence, bronchopneumonia1
Rheumatic carditis1
Rheumatic carditis and pericarditis1
Otitis mediaStreptococcal meningitis1
MastoiditisSeptic meningitis1
Tuberculous bronchial glandsMiliary tuberculosis1
Chronic splenomegalyBronchopneumonia1