London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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Special Hospitals—continued.

Table XXI.—Queen Mary's Hospital for Children. Causes of death during1934. (a)Non-tuberculous cases other than orthopœdic.

Acute rheumatismRheumatic carditis9
Endocarditis, lobar pneumonia1
Rheumatic heart diseaseEndocarditis1
Cardiac failure2
Congenital heart disease-1
BronchopneumoniaCardiac failure1
Pseudohypertrophic muscular paralysisHypostatic pneumonia1
Coeliac disease-1
Infective gastro-enteritisInanition1
Acute appendicitisFæcal fistula, toxaemia1
Scarlet feverChronic nephritis1
PrematurityInanition, cardiac failure1

(6)Non-tuberculous orthopœdic cases.

RicketsMeasles, bronchopneumonia1
Septic arthritis of hipDiphtheria1
Surgical shock, following operation for excision of hip1
Acute osteomyelitisToxaemia1
Congenital cerebral diplegia-1
PoliomyelitisAcidosis, cardiac failure1

Table XXII—The Downs Hospital for Children.—Diseases of the ear.—Discharges and

deaths during1934.

Disease.Discharged.Transferred to other L.C.C. children's hospitals.Died.Total.
Otitis media, acute31-4
,, „ chronic1--1
„ „ not stated464-50
Mastoiditis, acute161118
„ chronic25751263
„ not stated55