London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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Special Hospitals—continued.

Table XX—Surgical operations under anaesthetics during1934.(Non-tuberculous patients.) (a) Queen Mary's Hospital for Children

Condition or disease.Nature of operation.No.
Acute mastoiditisSchwartz' operation1
Acute otitis mediaParacentesis of drum1
Traumatic cataractNeedling1
Purulent conjunctivitisCauterisation1
Digestive system—
Adenoids, tonsilsEnucleation51
Acute appendicitisAppendicectomy3
Appendix abscessDrainage1
Inguinal herniaRadical cure1
Stricture of rectumDigital dilatation11
Genito-urinary system—
Urethral stricturePassage of sounds14
Renal calculusPyelolithotomy1
Ectopia testisReplacement2
Skin, bones, etc.—
AbscessIncision and drainage38
Acute prepatellar bursitisIncision and drainage3
Chronic prepatellar bursitisExcision of bursa1
ParonychiaAvulsion of nail9
Chronic osteomyelitisSequestrectomy and planefaction39
Drainage of bone abscess4
Amputation through thigh2
Amputation through hip1
Tendon lengthening1
Curettage of sinus1
Excision of adherent scar7
Ligature of femoral artery1
Septic arthritis of hipExcision of hip3
Subtrochanteric osteotomy3
Tenotomy of adductors1
Manipulation and plaster1
Septic arthritis of kneeMace wen's osteotomy1
Manipulation and plaster1
Congenital dislocation of hipManipulation and plaster2
Shelf operation2
Pleating of capsule1
Insertion of pin2
Deformities due to nervous system—
PoliomyelitisSub-astragaloid arthrodesis9
Tendon lengthening5
Manipulation and plaster13
Open correction of foot1
Steindler's operation1
Macewen's osteotomy1
Spastic paralysisTendon lengthening10
Manipulation and plaster2
Stoffel's operation1
Spina bifidaTendon lengthening2