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London County Council 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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ether was employed for one reason or another, usually because the child's veins
were so small that it was difficult to administer evipan. The usual dose of evipan
has been 5 to 10 c.c., and the average dose about 7 c.c.; in every case the dose
was calculated by doubling the amount found effective to cause sleep.
The experience gained of evipan anaesthesia in children with chest disease was
entirely satisfactory. All the 26 cases with pulmonary tuberculosis or pulmonary
fibrosis were given evipan intravenously, and there were no pulmonary complications
or other unfavourable sequelae.
At Pinewood sanatorium research work is being carried out on cardiograms in
pulmonary tuberculosis and on pulse pressures.
Occupational therapy.
During the year a printing shop was erected at Colindale hospital out of funds
provided by the handicrafts account. It will be necessary to provide further
accommodation for other industries and to improve the equipment of the shops.
Colindale hospital—Cinematograph apparatus.
In February, approval was given to the cinematograph projector, which had
some time ago been presented for installation in the recreation hall at this hospital,
being converted into a " sound " machine. Through the instrumentality of a
gentleman connected with the firm which made the original gift the conversion
was carried out at small cost to the Council.
After-care clinics for surgical tuberculosis.
The after-care clinics held at the County Hall for ex-patients of Princess Mary's
hospital for children and St. Luke's hospital, Lowestoft, have continued to expand,
and during the year decisions have been made on various points of administration
with a view to facilitating the work of the clinics, and the prompt supply or renovation
of splints or other surgical appliances required by the patients.
The after-care work for Heatherwood hospital, the control of which was taken
over by the Council during the year, was transferred from the Farringdon dispensary
to the County Hall. Two afternoon sessions are held each month on the same
lines as those for the other two clinics. In addition to patients treated under the
Council's tuberculosis scheme, the medical superintendent sees patients who have
received residential treatment at the hospital under agreements with the Middlesex
County Council and other out-county authorities. As in the case of the clinic for
Princess Mary's hospital for children, a representative of the Invalid Children's Aid
Association also attends this clinic, and gives valuable assistance in advising parents
or communicatine with other persons interested in the cases.

The following statement gives an indication of the work done at the clinics during the year :—

Hospital.No. of patients on register.No. of attendances.Appliances renovated or altered.
St. Luke's hospital, Lowestoft28852255
Princess Mary's hospital for children212891198
* Heatherwood hospital1469828

* For three months ending 31st December, 1934.
The clinics now play a very important and helpful part in the scheme of treatment
of tuberculosis, and that they are greatly appreciated is shewn by the fact
that practically all cases discharged from the hospitals attend regularly.
From the administrative aspect, the clinics are of great help, as they form a
means of assessing the value of lines of treatment given during the patients' stay
in hospital, and also offer a ready means of checking progress and detecting at an
early date any possible relapse.