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London County Council 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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(c) medical instruction.
During the year 551 students, of whom 66 were women, attended courses of
instruction in fevers, and 47 attended courses of instruction in hospital administration
for the diploma in public health.
Arrangements were also made when cases of smallpox were under treatment
for the giving of demonstrations in the diagnosis, etc., of that disease.
(d) hospital for ophthalmia neonatorum and vulvo-vaginitis.
During the year 248 babies were admitted to St. Margaret's hospital, accompanied
by 149 mothers, and 4 of the babies died from the following causes :—
Cause of death. Babies.
Prematurity 3
Congenital heart disease 1
Total 4
The numbers discharged were 239 babies and 147 mothers.
The condition of the eyes of the babies on admission and on discharge or death
is shown in the following statements :—

(i) On admission.

Clear.Hazy.Abrasions or ulcerations.Perforated ulcers.Blind.Total.
One eye.Both eyes.One eye.Both eyes.
16231312 =4 =1--496
12 eyes8 eyes(248 patients)

(ii) On discharge or death.

Clear.Impaired sight.Blind.Treatment not completed.Total
One eye.Both eyes.Scar.One eye.Both eyes.One eye.Both eyes.
4733 =2 =1 eye--3 =1 =486
3 eyes4 eyes3 eyes2 eyes(243 patients)

in infants
and young
In May, 1934, approval was given to the removal to St. John's hospital,
Wandsworth, of the cases of congenital syphilis at St. Margaret's hospital and the
carrying out of the necessary alterations and improvements to enable a unit of 31
beds to be established at St. Margaret's hospital for cases of vulvo-vaginitis in
infants and young girls and the work was in progress at the end of the year.
In consequence the nominal accommodation for patients at the hospital was
fixed at 31 beds for vulvo-vaginitis and 44 beds for ophthalmia neonatorum, an
increase of 15 beds.
During the year 666 midwives attended the hospital for instruction.
(e) hospital for venereal diseases.
The medical officer (Dr. Millicent Hamilton-Johnstone) has reported as follows
on the work done at Sheffield Street hospital:—
During the year 299 adults and 14 infants were admitted to the hospital; 134 infants
were born alive and 3 were stillborn.

The diseases from which the patients admitted suffered were as follows :—

Gonorrhœa185Congenital syphilis5
Gonorrhæa and syphilis80Ophthalmia neonatorum2
Free from signs of venereal disease9Non-venereal6