London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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The causes of illness in the 332 notified cases were stated to be as follows:—

Tinned fish and paste31Tinned fruit3
Tinned meat12

The death-rates in London and England and Wales in recent years have been as follows:—

London0. 02
England and Wales0.140.120.140. .05

The course of the epidemic in 1933-34 in comparison with others of recent years is shown by the deaths in successive four-weekly periods:—

Years.October to December.January to mid-June.Total (30 weeks).

There were 293 deaths from whooping-cough in London during 1934 compared
with 329 in 1933. The death-rate was .07 per thousand.

The death-rates in London and England and Wales in recent years are shown in the following table:—

London0 .090.110.190.
England and Wales0.

Scarlet fever.
There were 18,238 notifications of scarlet fever in 1934 (52 weeks), the corresponding
figure for 1933 being 21,911. The attack-rate was 4.3 per thousand as
against 5-1 in 1933. The deaths numbered 68, giving a death-rate of .02 per
thousand of the populaton at all ages and a case-mortality of . 4 per cent.

The seasonal incidence, as shown by the notifications (uncorrected lor errors of diagnosis) received in successive four-weekly periods during the year, was as follows:—


The notifications (uncorrected for errors in diagnosis), deaths and crude case mortality during 1934 were as follows:—

Year 1934.Age.period.Total.
Notifications (52 weeks)1156291,1721,51 11,7411,9941.636,1,2841,0639073,2292,95718,238
Deaths (365 days)18577823.3131168
Crude case-mortality percentage0.871.270.430.460.400.400.