London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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London County Council 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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(b) Children found at routine medical inspection to require treatment (excluding uncleanliness and dental disease).

Age group.Inspected.Found to require treatment.Percentage requiring treatment.
Age 726,3594,29516.3
Age 8 (preliminary examination only)43,2625,89313.6
Age 8 (in detail)3,73992924.8
Age 1153,5528,80016.4
Leavers—age 13¾63,6339,70115.2
Total, elementary schools249,18338,06315.3
„ special schools1,59819912.5

Table III.

(a) Exceptional children in London in1934.

Classification.At certified special schools.At public elementary schools.At other institutions*At no school or institutionTotal.
Blind children12573†135
Partially sighted children7201717754
Deaf children28324176‡537
Partially deaf children150226178
Mentally defective children—
Feeble-minded children3,604261973,886
Epileptic children—
Children suffering from severe epilepsy1223413¶169
Physically defective children—
Tuberculous children—
Delicate children1,9645156,159||98,647
Crippled children1,758351††112,120
Children with heart disease1,821221342,076

* Undergoing treatment in general hospitals, etc.
†At time of report were awaiting admission to schools for the blind.
‡Under enforceable age.
§ At time of report were awaiting admission to M.D. schools.
¶Awaiting admission to certified schools.
††lncludes 25 children at Northern hospital (post encephalitis lethargica).
||Of these 53 children were suitable for admission to open-air schools (O) but their parents refused
to allow their transfer to such schools. The remainder could not be certified as incapable by
reason of physical defect of receiving proper benefit from the instruction in the ordinary public
elementary schools, but they might have benefited from a period of open-air treatment.

(b) Return of children suffering from more than one defect,1934.

Defect.Type of School.At other institutions (Gen. hosp., etc.)At no schl.Total
Day M.D.Residential M.D.Residential blindDay deafResidential deafEpileptic colonyDay P.D.Certified hospital 6chls.
M.D. and deaf7--18--1--17
M.D. and crippled463----2162-69
M.D. and heart38-----1---39
M.D. and epileptic26----28----54
M.D. and T.B-------21-3
M.D., cripple and heart1---------1
M.D., crippled and deaf----7-----7
Blind and epileptic--1-------1
Blind and M.D.-------1--1
Deaf and crippled----1--1--2
Deaf and heart----1-----1
Epileptic and crippled-----132--6
Epileptic and heart-----61---7
Epileptic and deaf-----1----1
Heart and crippled------26---26
Heart and T.B.----------1