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London County Council 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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From these figures it will be seen that the percentage of " cases cured " was 26.6, 1.6 per
cent. " partially relieved," 7 per cent. " unrelieved," 7 per cent were lost sight of, the remainder
being still under treatment at the end of the year ; and that each child averaged approximately
4J attendances.
In addition to the above, 384 cases were treated for defects of the nose, ear and throat.
The following table gives a detailed analysis of all the cases of otorrhoea treated, and shows
the number of acute ears, the cause of the persistence of discharge in chronic ears, the number
cured, the number requiring operation, those lost sight of, and the number still under treatment
on 31st December, 1934. This table includes the otorrhoea cases of the children from residential

T able 10 Analysts of Otorrhœa cases.

Cause of suppuration.Total ears.Cured.Referred for mastoid operation.Lapsed.Still under treatment.
Acute otitis media suppurativa25521351027
Chronic otitis media suppurativa due to
(I) Tympanic Conditions
(a) Tympanic sepsis (T.S.)1,6981,24876374
(6) T.S. + granulations234130211766
(c) T.S. + polypi46227413
(d) T.S. + caries1813311
(e) T.S. + other conditions9324
(II) Tympanic Conditions +
(a) Tonsils and adenoids1921361937
(b) Nose conditions2702061648
(c) Mouth conditions
(III) Tympanic Conditions +
(a) Attic disease762027623
(b) Mastoid disease (no operation yet done)166415147
(c) Mastoid disease (operation already done)5862984349196
(IV) Tympanic Conditions +
(a) External otitis494018
(b) Stricture of meatus22
External otitis1008569
Cause undetermined

From these figures it will be seen that the percentage of " cases cured " is approximately 69.
The residential school otorrhoea and other cases continued to be transferred to Norwood
children's home to attend for treatment at the after-care clinic at St. George's dispensary, 86,
Blackfriars road, as required. The following are the details of these cases:—
Total number of ears treated 164
„ „ „ cured 128
„ „ „ referred for mastoid operation 12
„ „ „ lost sight of 4
Still under treatment on 31st December, 1934 20
These figures show that 78 per cent, of the cases were " cured."