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London County Council 1912

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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Report of the County Medical Officer—General.

With a view to the consideration of the effect of "social condition (a)" on the rates of infantile mortality at different periods during the first year of life, the following table has been prepared, in which the rates of infantile mortality obtaining for groups of districts can be compared:—

Infantile mortality in relation to "social condition"—1912.
Age-period.Group of boroughs in order of " social condition."
Under 1 week17.622.920.421.522.1
1-2 weeks4.
2-3 „
3-4 „
Under 1 month27.836.333.134.734.5
0-3 months40.051.648.851.456.4
3-6 „11.012.415.115.821.4
9-12 „
0-12 months66.883.785.493.3111.2

and "social
The foregoing table shews that there is a marked difference in the mortality among children
under one year of age when the extreme groups of districts are compared. This agrees with the
figures in corresponding tables published in previous annual reports. If the figures for each of the
trimesters are considered in this connection, it will be seen that the same behaviour of the mortality
is observable. This will be better appreciated by reference to the following table, in which the
mortality of the group of districts of relatively highest "social condition" is taken as 100:—
Number of group of
boroughs in order of
" social condition."
Comparative mortality—Group I. taken as 100.
Children aged
0-3 months.
Children aged
3-6 months.
Children aged
6-9 months.
Childron aged
9-12 months.
Children under
1 year.
I. 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100
II. 114 129 129 113 143 132 165 117 126 125
III. 119 122 132 138 150 145 175 127 132 128
IV. 124 129 144 144 165 159 186 171 140 140
V. 130 141 174 195 194 214 235 210 159 166
The figures for the period 1905-11 show that in each successive trimester of the first year of
life the difference in the mortality obtaining for the several groups of districts becomes generally more
pronounced. The figures for 1912 are in general agreement with those for the period 1905-11.

Principal Epidemic Diseases.
The number of deaths in the Administrative County of London from the principal epidemic
diseases, viz., smallpox, measles, scarlet fever, diphtheria, whooping-cough, and enteric fever during
1912 (52 weeks) was 3,498, giving an annual death-rate of 0.79 per 1,000 persons living.
(a) The standard adopted throughout this report for determining the "social condition" of a borough is the
percentage of all children between the ages of 5 and 14 scheduled in the borough by the Council for education purposes
in the years 1905-7. The scheduling of children for this purpose is conducted annually by the Council, and the question
whether or not a child is to be scheduled depends upon various circumstances which, it is thought, taken together, form
a general measure of " social condition."
The County has been divided into five groups of different grades of "social condition." Group I. contains
all boroughs in which less than 82 per cent. of the children aged 5—14 were scheduled; Group II., 82 to 87 per cent.;
Group III., 87 to 92 per cent. ; Group IV., 92 to 97 per cent. ; Group V., 97 per cent. and over.
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