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London County Council 1912

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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Annual Report of ike London County Council,1912




A.— Dietary Table foe 30 Younger Children (under 8).

SundayCocoa½ lb.Meat6 lbs.Tea2 ozs.
Bread8 lbs.Bread2 lbs.Butter12 ozs.
Butter12 ozs.Potatoes12 lbs.Milk8 pints
Milk8 pintsSugar1 lb.Sugar1 lb.
Sugar1 lb.Milk8 pintsBread5 lbs.
Cornflour1 lb.Cake, small piece.
MondayMilk15 pintsSoupMilk15 pints
Butter or dripping12 ozs.Bread2 lbs.Sugar1 lb.
Sugar1 lb.Raisin puddingBread8 lbs.
Bread8 lbs.Butter12 ozs.
TuesdayMilk15 pintsIrish stew
Sugar1 lb.Bread2 lbs.Milk15 pints
Bread8 lbs.Rice, sago or tapioca1 lb.Sugar1 lb.
Butter or dripping12 ozs.Sugar1 lb.Bread8 lbs.
Milk8 pintsButter12 ozs.
WednesdayMilk15 pintsMeat (roast)6 lbs.Milk15 pints
Sugar1 lb.Potatoes12 lbs.Sugar1 lb.
Bread8 lbs.Vegetables6d.Bread8 lbs.
Butter12 ozs.Bread2 lbs.Butter12 ozs.
Rice, sago or tapioca1 lb.
Sugar1 lb.
Prunes4 lbs.
ThursdayMilk15 pintsMinced meat5 lbs.Milk15 pints
Sugar1 lb.Potatoes12 lbs.Sugar1 lb.
Bread8 lbs.Bread2 lbs.Bread8 lbs.
Butter12 ozs.Rice 1 lb. (boiled) with jam (3 lbs. jam or rhubarb 6d.)Butter12 ozs.
FridayMilk15 pintsFish12 lbs.Milk15 pints
Sugar1 lb.Potatoes12 lbs.Sugar1 lb.
Bread8 lbs.Bread2 lbs.Bread8 lbs.
Butter or dripping12 ozs.Suet puddingButter or dripping12 ozs.
SaturdayMilk15 pintsBread12 lbs.Milk15 pints
Sugar1 lb.Fruit2s.Sugar1 lb.
Bread8 lbs.Butter1 lb.Bread8 lbs.
Butter12 ozs.Eggs30Butter12 ozs.

Ingredients and variations—-
Cake—Flour, 3 lbs. ; sugar, 1 lb. ; lard, 1 lb. ; peel, 1/2lb. ; currants, £ lb. ; sultanas, f lb. One egg and
1 teaspoonful of baking powder to be added for each lb. of flour.
Soup—Meat, 4 lbs. ; peas or lentils, 1 lb. ; vegetables, 6d. Irish stew—Meat, 6 lbs. ; potatoes, 12 lbs.
Raisin pudding—Flour, 3 lbs. ; sugar, 1 lb ; raisins, 1 lb. ; suet, 11 lbs.
Suet pudding—Suet, 11/2 lbs. ; flour, 3 lbs. ; treacle, 2 lbs.
Porridge may be given occasionally for breakfast.
Jam, marmalade or fresh fruit may be substituted occasionally for butter or dripping for tea.
Fruit may occasionally be substituted for puddings at times of the year when it can be done with advantage.
For children under 3 years of age this dietary may be varied by the provision of further milk and eggs.
All ingredients are uncooked.
Occasionally other recipes or methods of cooking may be employed provided the general quantities of
ingredients are utilised,